What Makes This Course Different?

There are systems and courses that cost over $2,000. As valuable as these resources can be, they do not provide a platform where you own your notes.

As much as you can try to translate methods made for other tools. The best systems are the ones that are made for the tool you use.

Notes As Your Source Of Creativity

You’ll be able to develop the skills needed to make your notes become the source of your creative output.

Why Should You Learn To Master Obsidian?

Trending apps come and go, plain text files are here to stay.

The biggest advantage of learning to master obsidian is that your notes are future proof. You own them forever.

A Course By Santi Younger

For years I’ve been obsessed with note taking. From learning to all advanced software to developing my own systems. I’ve always wanted to teach what I’ve learned.

I’m a Jack of All Trades. From Stoic philosophy to podcasting, from film making to web design, none of the things I’ve learned would have been possible without my note taking system.

Testimonial by Will Fitzgerald

(Founder of Conscious Hero)

After taking Santi's course I got so much clarity to organize my business and my entire life.

This course teaches the complexities of Obsidian in a simple way.


I can’t promise you will never switch apps again, but after you discover the power of storing your notes in plain text.md you won’t want to go back to cloud based apps.

The knowledge that you’ll get from this course can help you develop a system that works for you for a lifetime.

I recommend this course to everyone who wants to take note-taking seriously.

This course is the perfect starting point. As you go through the course, you become an expert for sure.

Santi is demystifying Obsidian and making it extremely simple and accessible.

᠆ Kamal Aakarsh

“Obsidian is worth taking the time to learn properly.

Join Santi’s course to take your note taking to the next level and supercharge your productivity.”

᠆ Julian Englert

Early Bird Pricing

This course is still in development. I want to make sure it’s the best course it can possibly be.

I decided to release it before it’s fully finished.

This way you can have access to future updates for a lower price, while I keep improving it and adding more value to it.

This is a way to say thank you for believing on my work from the start.




Early Bird Price

This low price is temporary to reward you for believing in this course early on.

As the course keeps growing, the price will increase as well.

If you buy now, you have unlimited access to future updates of the course.